Billing FAQ

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill by:

Mailing a check to: Muncie Sanitary District, P.O. Box 2605, Fort Wayne, IN 46801

Visiting City Hall:  A drop box is available to you at all times outside near the Northeast entrance of City Hall located at 300 N High St Muncie, Indiana 47305.

Using Our Online Bill Payment: To access e-Pay at no charge, click on the “Pay A Bill” button on the top right corner of your screen. Upon completing your information and clicking “Submit Payment,” your transaction will be approved and a confirmation page will appear that you may use as a receipt.

Using our Toll-Free Number: You can pay your bill over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no charge by dialing 855-984-1201.

We accept personal checks, debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), Google Pay, Paypal, Paypal Credit, Venmo (for mobile payments only), and via automatic payment withdrawal from your bank account. PLEASE NOTE! Beginning July 1st, sewer bills paid via credit card will include a processing fee of 3.25%. Customers may pay via ACH or e-checks to avoid credit card processing fees. Learn how to switch to ACH payments here.

To enroll in automatic payment, complete, sign, and mail to us the ACH Authorization Form (download PDF). Mail the form to: Muncie Sanitary District, 300 N. High Street, Muncie, IN 47305. You may also call (765) 747-4894 to have an authorization form mailed to you.

When you enroll in automatic payment withdrawal, we will continue to send a sewage bill, which will be marked “Automatic Withdrawal–Do Not Pay.” The wastewater charge will be listed to advise you of how much you should deduct on your bank account ledger. Your payment will be automatically deducted on the due date.

We have now added the option of making payments at Walmart North and South locations and Pay Less Supermarkets on McGalliard and Tillotson.

Have questions? Please contact the Utility Billing Department.

What is an e-Bill?

e-Bill (Electronic Billing) is an alternative to receiving paper bills. In lieu of receiving a paper bill, your sewage bill will be emailed to you every month.  The e-Bill contains all information normally represented on the paper sewage bill. Try the e-Bill! If you want a paper bill again, just email us and paper bills will resume. Call us at (765) 747-4894 if you have questions.

Click here to sign up for e-Bill

What happens if I miss or am late making a payment?

Most of our customers pay on time. Others cannot and they call us promptly to make payment arrangements.

When a customer’s account falls past due, a delinquent notice is sent to either the property owner and/or tenant to warn that the delinquency may result in the property being tagged for water shut-off. Once this occurs, the customer has until the shut-off date on the yellow tag to pay the balance in full. 

When the accounts become inactive and a balance is still due, then we will either place a lien against the property or turn it over to Atlas Collections.

If the owner is issued a sewage lien, then the liens are given to the Delaware County Treasurer’s office to collect with property taxes. If the lien is not paid to the County Treasurer, it is collected in the annual tax sale. Indiana Code 36-9-23-33 mandates the delinquent collection process, and it is expensive for the delinquent customer.

If the delinquency is given to Atlas Collections, then the owner will need to contact the Atlas Collections office at 765-751-3244 for any questions or concerns regarding the sewage account.

To avoid having this happen to your delinquent account, it is necessary that you contact us immediately after receiving your initial bill so that you may make arrangements with our billing office to make payments to us on your account.

Can you explain my sewage bill?

  1.  Address of the property serviced by the sewer.
  2. The account number.
  3. Date the bill was printed and mailed.
  4. Previous water meter reading.
  5. Current water meter reading.
  6. Your current reading less your previous reading.
  7. Wastewater service lists your new charges.
  8. Your charge is consumption (#6) x $7.76 if you are residential or commercial.
  9. Beginning of the billing period.
  10. End of the billing period.
  11. Last day that your payment is expected in the sewage billing office. This is approximately 21 days from the billing date for most customers.
  12. If you miss the due date, this is the amount you owe to pay your account in full.
  13. This is the mailing address to send payments to.

Have questions? Please contact the Utility Billing Department.

Who decides the rate?

The Board of Sanitary Commissioners approves a rate resolution that authorizes the rate we charge. The Rate Resolution also stipulates conditions for surcharges, sprinkling adjustments, and other conditions under which we are allowed to adjust a bill.

I have well water; how do you calculate my bill?

We have only about 855 customers served by a well. Since we do not know how much they load the sewer system, we charge $51.74 monthly, which is slightly less than the average household.

How is my bill calculated?

We purchase your water usage information from Indiana-American Water Company. Basing sewage charges on water consumption is considered most fair to you. Your sewage bill is usually less if you purchase less water. Less water is less of a load on the sewer and on the treatment plant.

A residential or commercial sewage customer is billed $7.76 for every 100 cubic feet of water recorded by the water meter. We send a bill to you after we receive the reading for your meter. If you are like the average household in Muncie, you use 800 cubic feet of water in one month and your sewage bill is $62.08 (8 usage X $7.76= $62.08).

If you think your bill is too high, possibly due to a water leak or error, please call us immediately. We will reduce your charge, if appropriate, and correct the amount to be deducted from your bank account.

Have questions? Please contact the Utility Billing Department.