Water Pollution Control

The Muncie Sanitary District owns and operates a 24 MGD activated sludge water pollution control facility. The facility treats domestic, commercial & industrial wastewater to reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), nitrogen ammonia and E.coli prior to discharge into the receiving stream, the West Fork of the White River.

Wastewater 101 (powerpoint presentation)

The main discharge outfall to the receiving stream is designated as outfall #21A. A secondary outfall used during excessive river levels or during maintenance to the tertiary facility is designated as outfall #30A. Treatment includes screening, grit removal, primary settling, aerobic activated sludge nitrification, final clarification/settling, & final tertiary filtration through mono media filters. In addition to the processes described above, sludge dewatering takes place with belt presses following anaerobic digestion/sludge stabilization. Ultimate sludge disposal is completed by transporting the dewatered sludge to a sanitary landfill.

Following a rain event or snowmelt one or more of the combined sewer overflow structures could overflow into White River or Buck Creek. We urge our residents to stay out of these waters for 72 hours following the storm event or snowmelt. People who swim in, wade or ingest these waters may become ill. For more information please contact the Water Pollution Control Facility at 765-747-4864 during normal business hours.