Report a Polluter

Be on the lookout for signs of an illicit discharge. An illicit discharge is anything going into an MS4 conveyance (storm sewer, river, stream, ditch, swale) that is NOT composed ENTIRELY of stormwater (see exceptions below).

What to look for (and report):

  • Dumping of ANYTHING into a storm drain or waterways or on a paved surface that can wash into a storm drain or waterway during rain events (see exceptions below)
    • Violations include grass clippings, yard waste, pet waste, detergents, dirt, concrete wash water, trash, paint, oil, and other hazardous materials
  • Anything unusual and unnatural in the waterways (odd smells, colors, “chalkiness”, oil sheen)
  • Storm drain flow during dry weather


    • Water line flushing
    • Landscape irrigation
    • Diverted streamflow
    • Rising groundwater
    • Uncontaminated groundwater infiltration
    • Uncontaminated pumped ground water
    • Discharges from potable water sources
    • Foundation drains
    • Air conditioning condensation
    • Irrigation water
    • Springs
    • Water from crawl space pumps
    • Footing drains
    • Lawn watering
    • Water used to wash recreational and non-commercial vehicles and equipment, provided that there is no discharge of soaps, solvents, or detergents used for such purposes
    • Flows from riparian habitats and wetlands
    • Dechlorinated/de-brominated swimming pool discharges not including discharges from saltwater swimming pools
    • Street washwater
    • Discharges from emergency firefighting activities
    • Routine external building washdown water that does not use detergents
    • Excess stormwater cleaning water not collected by a vacuum truck (uncontaminated)
    • Dye testing is an allowable discharge but requires a verbal notification to the authorized enforcement agency prior to time of the test
    • Discharges specified in writing by the authorized enforcement agency as being necessary to protect public health and safety

If you see any of these signs of pollution, call our Report a Polluter Hotline: (765) 747-4896, or fill out our Report a Polluter Form. If possible, please take pictures or video, record the address and leave your name and phone number (not necessary, but helpful if there are questions).