Code Enforcement

It is against the law to dump or throw litter on any public or private property within the city limits of Muncie. It is also against the law for litter to fall or scatter from vehicles. Litter, such as paper, bottles, cans, matchbooks, cigarette butts, glass, garbage, plastic, etc., may not be thrown or dumped on streets, sidewalks, parks and other recreational areas, alleys, yards, driveways, vacant lots, parking lots, storage piles, public waterways, sewers, and receiving basins.

The owner must keep the area litter free and must clean up the area daily.

Construction, Demolition Sites

Property owners and contractors will prevent litter from being scattered on adjoining premises. Litter from construction sites or related activities must be placed in covered containers at the end of each day.

Junk Vehicles

For complaints regarding junk and abandoned vehicles, call the City Building Commissioner’s office at 765-747-4862.

Loading, Unloading Docks

The person owning, operating, or in control of the dock will keep area litter free. Allowing litter to scatter on adjoining premises is against the law.

Parking Lots

Parking lot owners must equip their properties with litter receptacles. It is recommended that litter receptacles be ridded to prevent blowing and emptied on a regular basis to prevent overfill.

Uncovered Vehicles

Open vehicles carrying gravel, paper, tree limbs, trash, waste material, etc. must be covered with a tarpaulin to prevent spillage onto streets, sidewalks, and other public places.

Sidewalks, Alleys

Owners or occupants of residential and commercial premises are responsible for keeping sidewalks and alleys bordering their properties free of litter and weeds. Businesses and individuals are required by law to keep their sidewalks free of ice and snow.

Vacant Lots

Owners must maintain their lots and bordering sidewalks free of litter, dead trees, and weeds.


For assistance with weed code violations, call Muncie Building Commissioner office at 765-747-4862. To report unmowed properties, call the Weed Hotline at 765-741-1336.

Abandoned & Unsafe Buildings, Buildings with Broken Windows

Vacant buildings (houses, garages, or commercial buildings) must be secured to prevent entry. To report an abandoned building, call the Building Commissioner’s office at 765-747-4862.

Rodents & Insects

Infestations of mice and rats in buildings or vacant lots, and mosquito problems in weed/water areas should be reported to the Delaware County Health Department at 765-747-7721.

Toxic Wastes

Dumping of oil, pesticides, coolants, and other toxic chemicals should be reported to Delaware County Health Department or Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Toxic substances being poured into public waterways, down storm sewers, or where groundwater may be contaminated, should be reported to the Bureau of Water Quality at 765-747-4896.