Help us help you by maintaining a clean Muncie by following these simple trash guidelines.

Muncie Sanitation employees work hard to keep our streets clean year-round. Each week district customers receive the following curbside services: trash collection, recycling, bulk item, and tree limb collection, and white good (appliance) collection.

In addition to these weekly services, each year district customers can haul and dump up to 2000lbs of household trash, 6 car tires, hazardous household waste, and electronic goods to East Central Recycling, located at 701 East Centennial Avenue. ECR does accept construction materials with a charge. If you have any further questions about charges or programs you can call East Central Recycling at 765-282-1900.

Each year customers also receive these seasonal services: Curbside leaf collection and Christmas Season collection. Leaf season collection is announced annually through our website, social media, and a press release. This time period varies based on the timing of the season and when leaves start to fall. During this time bags of leaves will be collected at the curb. Please be sure that all leaves are bagged and properly secured. Do not place leaves in Blue Recycling Bags at any time for trash collection. Your leaves will not be picked up if they are in these bags.

The Christmas season collection runs from approximately December 20th to January 5th. During this time extra bags of trash on the ground will be collected on your regular trash day. Please be sure that all bags on the ground are securely fastened and placed alongside your toters for collection.

The Muncie Sanitary District supplies each dwelling and non-dwelling unit with up to 2 free 96 gallon toters. Toters are given to customers to use for collection and are the property of the Sanitary District. If you need to request a new toter, replacement toter or need a new lid please call our Sanitation Department at 765-747-4865. If additional toters are needed they may be leased through the Sewage Utility Office, 747-4894.