Sewer Maintenance

The MSD Sewer Maintenance Department sustains the reliable workflow of the MSD storm and sanitary sewer system.

Jet rodding is a process that uses high-velocity water to flush sand, silt, stone and heavy debris out of the sewer piping system.

Vacuum machines are most generally combined with jet rodding equipment which is then referred to as combination machines. This is the type of equipment that is used by the MSD in cleaning main line sewers.

The MSD has two Vac-All street sweepers. This equipment is used in areas that have combination sewer systems, (storm and sanitary sewers are in the same piping system) by sweeping debris off the streets. This keeps the dirt from going into the storm drains and catch basin then into the sewer system. Street sweepers operate during above freezing temperatures. Storm drains should be kept free of debris, grass, and ice.

This work is performed by MSD crew members and by a mowing contractor that also cleans the debris off the flood area.

The MSD crews do the repair to the flood walls and flap gates in this area and the walking trails along the river, under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The after hour contact number isĀ 765-747-4852.