Proposed EPA Changes and New Requirements for Construction Sites in Indiana:

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Note to Contractors: Dewatering

Absolutely no dewatering of any waters other than stormwater to streets, ditches, or storm drains will be allowed from construction or demolition sites.

In order to dewater and discharge to the sanitary sewer, you must first contact the Bureau of Water Quality at (765) 747-4896. Any discharge to the sanitary system must be approved, including testing.

Sediment-laden storm waters from construction sites must be filtered before discharge. Contact the Stormwater Compliance Inspector at (765) 749-1114 for inspection prior to discharging anywhere in Delaware County.

The ONLY exceptions are emergency firefighting activities and emergency utility repairs. In both cases, precautions should always be taken whenever possible without creating a hazard to the public.

construction site sediment & erosion control permit application

As of December 18, 2021, construction stormwater permitting coverage is under Indiana’s Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSGP). According to the CSGP, all construction sites must make every reasonable effort to minimize construction-related pollutants from leaving the site. The Construction Site Sediment & Erosion Control Permit Application must be completed for every construction site prior to ANY groundbreaking activities. Mail/email information and contact for the Stormwater Compliance Inspector are included in the application.

Stormwater resources for contractors

Indiana Stormwater Quality Manual

Self Inspection Form

Sites permitted under the CSGP are required to complete a weekly self-inspection, and within 24 hours of a rainfall of ½” or more. The Self Inspection Form can be downloaded here.

The CSGP requires that persons completing these inspections be “trained individuals”. The definition of “trained” has been controversial. While details of this are being addressed at the federal and state level, many local jurisdictions are leaning toward requiring local training and certification of some kind.

This program was created by the Stormwater Management Department as a tool to help contractors achieve compliance. Feel free to use this PowerPoint presentation as a training tool for your employees.

Please click on the slideshow to begin viewing. Speed can be adjusted to your personal preference, or you can simply click the arrows on the side of each slide to advance or return to a previous slide. Click on the diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner for full-screen mode.

Once you finish viewing the slideshow, click on the link below to take the online test. Upon completion of the test, click “Submit item” and you will be notified via email. After it is graded, you will receive a notification indicating whether or not you passed. Upon passing, a certificate will be sent. Thank you and Good Luck!

(SWPPP) Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Self- Inspection Test

Please keep in mind, this is not yet a requirement, only a tool to help educate you and your employees. It is provided to you free, in an effort to make both your job (and ours) a little easier.


If you have any questions, please email Stormwater Compliance Inspector Courtney Pruitt at or call 765-749-1114.