Citizen Resources

The Stormwater Management Department is a collaborative effort between the Muncie Sanitary District, Delaware County, Town of Yorktown & Ivy Tech / Muncie.

Common nonpoint source pollutants (diffuse contamination of water that does not originate from a single discrete source) such as oil, salt, pesticides/herbicides, fertilizer, yard waste/grass clippings, sediment, E. coli, and trash wash into our waterways during rain events. This impairs our rivers and streams, discouraging recreational use, contaminating drinking water supplies and threatening water quality for fish, macroinvertebrates, mussels and other aquatic organisms.

You can help! Here are some changes citizens can make to reduce stormwater pollution:

  • Plant a rain garden or install a rain barrel to catch stormwater and absorb pollutants.
  • Sweep up and remove grass clippings, lawn debris, and leaves. Not only does this help the water quality by controlling the addition of nutrients and not clogging storm drain outlets, it helps keep cyclists and motorcyclists safe!
  • Pick up pet waste regularly.
  • Use phosphate-free car washing detergents- and wash your car in your lawn. Not only does this reduce detergent runoff in the stormwater, but your lawn will thank you for the fertilizer it receives!
  • Make sure you NEVER pour anything into a storm drain. Remember that used oil, paints and household hazardous waste can be taken to East Central Recycling!
  • Never throw cigarette butts on the ground- they add up quickly!
  • Report violations using the Report a Polluter link!