Construction SWPPP Submittal

Muncie / Delaware County /Yorktown/Ivy Tech-Muncie SWPPP Submittal Procedure

(SWPPP) Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

All land grading disturbances of one acre or more require an approved Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). Plans must be submitted to the Stormwater Management Department; digital copies are preferred ( Plans must be submitted at least 30 days prior to excavating activities.

We do not complete reviews for properties owned by Ball State University or within the Towns of:

  • Daleville, Eaton, Albany, Selma, Gaston

A review is completed using the form created by IDEM and posted on this site. Following this format will result in a quicker, more efficient review.

In addition to this form, the following items must be included:

  • SWPPP MUST reference and comply with the Indiana Stormwater Quality Manual (ISWQM)
  • SWPPP MUST contain a notation that all spills must be reported to both IDEM Spill Response 1-888-233-7745 and the Bureau of Water Quality (BWQ) at  (765) 747-4896.
  • Details for Best Management Practices must only include those that may be used on this site.
  • Any additional permits from DNR, IDEM, or the USACE required for the project must be forwarded to the Stormwater Management Office when received.
  • Concrete washout details must be included if there will be concrete poured at the site. The location may be up to the contractor.
  • Specifications for storm drain grates must include a note that drains must be stamped with “No Dumping, Drains to River” or a similar message.
  • If dewatering will occur, SWPPP must include a notation to contact the BWQ (765-747-4896) prior to dewatering.
  • Any offsite fill/borrow areas must be reported to the Stormwater Management Department.
  • Please include the total amount of green space preserved on this site. Include detention areas, as well as wooded and landscaped areas. Please submit in acreage format.
  • Post-Construction BMP’s must be individually listed, along with maintenance guidelines for the property owner once construction is complete. If you did not create an Operation & Maintenance Manual, you must complete the upper portion of this form and include it with the SWPPP.
  • A pre-construction meeting with the owner, contractor, and appointed “trained individual” will be required.

Once a plan has been approved by the Stormwater Management Department, applicant must complete and submit a Notice of Intent to IDEM. A copy of the NOI must also be submitted to the Stormwater Management Department. Both offices must be notified 48 hours prior to beginning grading activities.

During the construction process, the contractor shall be responsible for inspection and maintenance of all best management practices (BMPs) weekly, and within 24 hours of a rain event of ½” or more. Inspections records must be maintained and presented upon request by local or IDEM inspectors.

When all construction is complete, temporary measures have been removed, and vegetation is established, the Stormwater Management Department must complete a final release inspection. Applicant must file a Notice of Termination with IDEM and submit a copy to the Stormwater Management Department.

SWPPP Documents for Download:

Required Documents for Submittal:

SWPPP Review Form 2017 (PDF format) (Download Excel Format)
Individual Lot Requirements (Download/Word Format)
Post Construction Agreement (Download/Word Format)

Downloadable Autocad Template:

Autocad editable templated for SWPPP information (DWG)

Template for SWPPP Information  (PDF)

Additional Downloadable Guidance Documents:

Indiana Stormwater Quality Manual
Plan Review Guidelines (PDF)
SWPPP Example (Download/Word Format)

Please note:

The Post Construction Agreement Form is a blank form to be completed by the site designer and submitted with the SWPPP. Please list each post-construction BMP, the maintenance required, and the frequency of inspection needed. This will supply the answers to C3 and C5 of the review form and serve as your O & M procedures.

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