Free Public Education Offered

The Muncie Sanitary District & Stormwater Management Department offers FREE education throughout the year to your classroom, group, or organization. Our certified educator can come to your classroom or group and lead a lesson on three different topics related to environmental science and education. Listed below are suggested lessons that we put together with content connections of Indiana state standards. These lessons can be adapted, and are suitable for all ages and can be customized based on teacher or group preference. Please feel free to reach out to our department if you have any questions about customizing a lesson plan. Lessons average a one hour time frame per lesson but can be adapted to fit your time constraints or needs.

Email or call 765-213-6450 to schedule a lesson today. Find us on Twitter @munciesanitary.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling for the Earth

Students and participants will be taught about the do’s and don’t’s of recycling using the Muncie Sanitary District’s Blue Bag program. We will cover the importance of recycling and how it related to the environment and our ecosystem. Students will identify problems attributed to not recycling, and discuss creative solutions to address such problems. This lesson will also discuss the importance of reducing and reusing certain products.


Cleanwater Superheroes Fight Pollution

Students and participants will be lead through a series of activities that discuss the problem of nonpoint source pollution and what it means to live in a watershed. In each lesson we will discuss how changes in the ecosystem can create changes to aquatic habitats and effect water quality in the White River. We will identify activities that cause pollution in our watershed and work together to come up with creative solutions to address them. This hands-on experience comes with educational resources and an enviroscape demonstration.


Worms Eat Our Garbage and Help Build Soil

Students will learn about worm farming and vermicompost, where red wiggler worms help decompose vegetable scraps, paper and fruit peels into a natural fertilizer for soil. This lesson discusses the effects of sending large amounts of organic waste to landfills and brainstorms creative ways we can work together with worms to send less biodegradable waste to rot in a landfill. Participants will get to handle our worm friends, and look at a composting system called the Worm Mansion. Students will also learn the anatomy of the worm.