FOG Information for Businesses

What is Muncie’s FOG Ordinance?

The FOG (fats, oils, and grease) Ordinance, Chapter 53 of the City Code, was passed February 7, 2011 by the Muncie City Council to establish guidelines and regulations to reduce fats, oils, and grease from entering the Muncie sanitary sewers.

Who does the FOG Ordinance affect?

Muncie’s FOG Ordinance will apply to all new and existing users who either produce or have the capacity to produce and discharge animal and/or plant grease material into the Muncie sanitary sewers. This may include restaurants, schools and churches with cafeterias, ice cream shops, hospitals, membership lodges or clubs, and more. This ordinance does not apply to residential homes.

What will be expected of affected parties by Muncie’s FOG Ordinance?

Our goal is to reduce blockages and other problems in our sewers associated with oil and grease. To do this, we need your cooperation. All food service establishments must apply for and receive a permit to discharge to the Muncie Sanitary District sewers. Your permit may mean you will need to install an outdoor, underground grease interceptor, place grease traps under all sinks, and/or implement various Best Management Practices. That determination will be made after you have returned your completed permit application and an inspection is completed on your establishment.

Will I be assessed a fee for a permit?

No. There are no fees for applying for and receiving a permit. However, your permit may require you to install and operate grease interceptors and/or grease traps, and/or implement “best management practices” to reduce the amount of grease that enters the sewers. These costs will be the responsibility of the user.

Will anyone be contacting me concerning Muncie’s FOG Ordinance?

Yes, employees from the Bureau of Water Quality will soon be contacting you concerning Muncie’s FOG Program. These employees shall have Muncie Sanitary District and Bureau of Water Quality employee identification badges and/or business cards. When contacted, you may ask to see proper identification.

If you are a new facility, you must first receive a permit before discharging any wastewater to the MSD sewers. An application is available here: FOG Permit Application

Where can I find Muncie’s FOG Ordinance?

Copies of Muncie’s Food Establishment Ordinance can be obtained either in printed copy form or electronically from the internet. Electronic copies may be obtained from the Bureau of Water Quality website.

Electronic copies of Muncie’s Food Establishment Ordinance are available below:

Where Can I Find FOG Related Documents?

Pretreatment Ordinance – The sections in the ordinance pertaining to Food Establishments are Division 5 FOG Pretreatment Program Requirements for Food Service Establishments, section 53.61 through section 53.70 (page 27 of the Ordinance).

FOG General Permit 2022-001 -The current General Permit which became effective on January 1st, 2022 and expires December 31st, 2026. The FOG Permit Application must be completed and submitted by all food service establishments to be covered under this permit.

FOG Permit Application  -This application must be completed and submitted by all food service establishments. This application is for coverage under the FOG General Permit 2022-001.

Grease Interceptor Guidelines – Guidelines for the design of all new in-ground grease interceptors.

Grease Interceptor (in-ground) Cleaning Log

Grease Trap (under-sink) Cleaning Log