Who to Call

Muncie Sanitary District

Offices at City Hall (300 North High Street)
Administration Office – (765) 747-4863
Financial Officer – (765) 741-1668
Stormwater/Recycling Educator – (765) 213-6450
Stormwater Management – (765) 747-4896
Utility Billing – (765) 747-4894
Insurance – (765) 747-4791

Offices at 5150 Kilgore Avenue
Bureau of Water Quality – (765) 747-4896
Engineering – (765) 747-4879
Sewer Maintenance – (765) 747-4852
Water Pollution Control Facility (765) 747-4864

Offices at 811 East Centennial Avenue
Sanitation Department – (765) 747-4865

City of Muncie Contacts

All offices are located at 300 North High Street unless indicated otherwise.

Animal Shelter Riggin Rd. (765) 747-4851
Beech Grove Cemetery Kilgore Avenue (765) 741-1352
Building Commissioner (765) 747-4862
City Clerk (765) 747-4831
City Engineer (765) 747-4878
City Judge (765) 747-4703
Community Development (765) 747-4825
Controller (765) 747-4828
Data Processing (765) 747-4704
Fire Chief 300 N. High St. (765) 747-4870
Human Rights (765) 747-4854
Mayor’s Office (765) 747-4845
Park Department 1800 South Grant Street (765) 747-4858
Personnel (765) 747-4846
Police Chief (765) 747-4822
Prairie Creek Reservoir 500 E. Gates Road (765) 747-4871
Street Department 5790 West Kilgore Avenue (765) 747-4847


Muncie Police Records Division (765) 747-4891
Accident Reports

Muncie Police Uniform Division (765) 747-4755 or (765) 747-4838
Complaints against officers

Muncie Police Department (765) 741-1350
Crime Prevention Program. Leave voice mail if there is no answer

Crime Stoppers (765) 286-4050 (Tip Line) or (765) 741-1350

Desk Sergeant (765) 213-6403
Fingerprints, handgun permits, noise ordinance violations, vehicle inspections

Muncie Police Records Division (765) 747-4891
Hit and run accidents

City Clerk (765) 747-4831
Parking Tickets may be paid at City Clerk’s office, City Hall

Victim Advocate Office 24/7 (765) 747-4777
Victim advocate assistance

Police Athletic League

P.A.L. Club (765) 747-4861
Call for information about events


Building Commissioner (765) 747-4862
Encroachment license agreement, obstructions, or cut permits

Street Department (765) 747-4847
Vegetation encroachments 

Sanitation Sewer Construction Revolving Loan

MSD Engineering (765) 747-4879
Residents may petition the Board of Sanitary Commissioners for improvements to sanitary sewers. Cost sharing occurs on most projects.

Service Stations

Building Commissioner (765) 747-4862
Call with complaints regarding vacated or abandoned service stations.

Sewage Billing Information

MSD Utility Billing Office  (765) 747-4894
Call with any questions about your sewage billing.


MSD Sewer Maintenance (765) 747-4852
Call 24/7 regarding back-ups, cave-ins, damaged flap gates, odor, etc.

MSD Engineering (765) 747-4879
Call to locate piping.

Sidewalk Construction/Improvements

City Engineer’s Office (765) 747-4878
Permitting – parades, street closures, street cuts, etc.

Street Department (765) 747-4847
Call regarding snow removal violations.

Smoke Detectors

Fire Prevention Division (765) 747-4876
Call with complaints and/or requests.


Street Department (765) 747-4847
Maintenance and repair: To report street surface problems, potholes, sunken areas, cracks, etc.

Miscellaneous requests: Alley grading.

Call with complaints regarding dirt, mud, or other debris on the streets or sidewalks.

Call regarding snow and ice removal.

Taxi Drivers License

Controller’s Office (765) 747-4828

Tire Disposal Program

East Central Recycling (765) 282-1900 or Muncie Sanitary District (765) 747-4865
Up to 6 car or light truck tires can be taken to East Central Recycling per household each year.


Recycling (765) 213-6450
Place all aluminum, tin, and steel cans, plastic bottles, jugs, and jars with #1 & 2, paper, cardboard, and glass into your blue recycling toters loose and not in a bag. Place your recycling toter on the curb on your scheduled trash day.

MSD Sanitation Department (765) 747-4865

Waste Collection: Place all household waste into bags and place them in the toter for weekly pickup at curbside.

Yard Waste Collection:Place leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste in separate bags and place them in your toter except during fall leaf season (October – November). During this time, place yard waste bags at curbside to be picked up on a scheduled basis. Use of mulching mowers is recommended for healthier yards and to reduce the amount of grass bags. All yard waste collected will be recycled into mulch to return natural nutrients back to the soil and to reduce amount taken to landfills.


Urban Forester (765) 747-4731

Urban Enterprise Zone

Residents and businesses located in this area are entitled to certain benefits. (765) 282-6656


Muncie Police Department (765) 747-4838
Abandoned vehicles should be reported.


Indiana American Water (765) 288-3677 or 1-800-432-8373
No water, bad taste or odor, contamination, broken or leaking meter, low water pressure, raise or lower curb box, service line connection, turn water on or off, water main break, etc.

If you have frozen pipes, you should call a local plumber.

Bureau of Water Quality (765) 747-4896
Call for information concerning condition of our rivers and streams, industrial waste water and agricultural run-offs.

Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) (765) 747-4864
Call with questions regarding waste and storm water sewer flow and control.

Weights And Measures

Questions or complaints (765) 747-7714


Building Commissioner (765) 747-4862
Call regarding un-kept, noxious issues.

Zoning Information

Delaware County Zoning Administrator (765) 747-7777