The Muncie Sanitary District is a special unit of government created under Indiana State law by the action of an Ordinance of the City of Muncie, Indiana adopted in 1968. The District is managed under the provisions of Indiana Code 36-9-25 and is governed by a three-person Board of Sanitary Commissioners which acts as both the Executive Body and Fiscal Body of the Muncie Sanitary District. There are only a handful of Districts in the State of Indiana which are operated in this manner.

The District has the power to enact Ordinances which provide the rules and procedures that the District follows in providing services to the public served by the District. The District also establishes user fees for the services it provides and sets a tax levy to pay for some of the duties the District is required by law to perform such as upkeep on sanitary sewers and storm sewers in the District. The enactment of Ordinances and establishment of fees and the setting of tax levies are but a few of the duties performed by the District’s Board of Sanitary Commissioners.

Each member of the Board of Sanitary Commissioners is appointed for a term of four (4) years by the Mayor of the City of Muncie. Commissioners may only be removed in accordance with Indiana Statute and should a Commissioner resign before the end of their four (4) year term the Mayor appoints their replacement to only serve out the remainder of that term. The current Board of Sanitary Commissioners is contained on the District web-site.

The Departments of the Muncie Sanitary District are contained on the District web-site along with the administrators of each Department. Under each Department you will also find a brief description of the duties performed by that department. Each department has been formed to carry out statutory functions of the District and also provide support to other Departments needed to carry out their assigned duties.