Update: Pay Less Supermarkets Now Accepting Muncie Sanitary District Sewage Bills

MUNCIE, Ind. (June 9th, 2020) –Pay Less Supermarket on both McGalliard and Tillotson in Muncie are now accepting payments for your Muncie Sanitary District sewage bill. Bills can be paid at the Customer Service area in each store. There’s a $1.50 customer service fee.

The Sewage Utility Billing Department will remain closed to the public. We will continue to provide easy and convenient ways for customers to pay their bills.

Residents can make payments via several other methods:

·  Online at munciesanitary.org,

· Via telephone at 855-984-1201 (this is a toll-free number that is open 24/7),

· You can mail their payments to Muncie Sanitary District, P.O. Box 2605, Fort Wayne, IN 46801,

· You can place payments in the drop-box in front of City Hall.

· You can pay through automatic withdrawal from their bank account. Call 765-747-4894 for information on how to enroll in this program.

· You can make payment at Walmart North and South locations and Pay Less Supermarket on McGalliard and Tillotson.

The Muncie Sanitary District (MSD), was created under Indiana State law in 1968 by the action of an Ordinance of the City of Muncie, Ind., and provides services to the public in the areas of code enforcement, engineering, sanitation, sewer maintenance, stormwater management, water pollution control, and recycling. In addition to these services, the MSD maintains a statewide position of leadership in green infrastructure through its commitment to programs and initiatives that make the Muncie community a better place to live.