Statement from Muncie Sanitary District: March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020
We have been notified of the plea agreement of our former employee Nikki Grigsby. Grigsby had been on unpaid administrative leave since July 2019, pending the outcome of this investigation. She is no longer employed by the Muncie Sanitary District. The Muncie Sanitary District has fully cooperated with the FBI throughout this investigation and will continue to do so.
In light of these events, Muncie Sanitary District would like to express its disappointment with any employee who failed to abide by the standards and values of our organization.
The actions of a few do not represent the other 140+ employees at MSD—family men and women who work hard to ensure the District provides the best services possible to our community and who work day in and day out to provide a clean, safe city we can all call home.