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Food and Sustainability

Food is such a large portion of what we consume every day. Do you ever think about how the food choices you make can influence the world and your health? Learn more at

Going Green at Work: Top Tips

For many people, a computer is the central tool at work. Optimizing the energy settings for computers and other devices can be more than a modest energy saver.

Plug-In To eCycling with US EPA

Plug-In To eCycling with US EPA is a partnership between EPA and consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, and service providers that offer you more opportunities to donate or recycle – to “eCycle” – your used electronics.

Your Home’s Green Boost

The best way to increase your home’s value is to add features that will enhance its appearance and function, without breaking your bank. This may sound like a tall order, but porches, patios, decks, terraces, gardens, lawns and manicured foliage around a home fulfill these goals in a number of ways.

Assessing Your Needs vs. Your Wants

Your home should be comfortable, nurturing and aesthetically pleasing. But most importantly, it should meet all of your needs by providing the right kind of spaces for a broad and evolving range of activities, including adequately housing all family members by accommodating their physical needs (such as bathing, sleeping, exercising and eating) and personal possessions,…