Recycling is an Easy New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year which means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. Most people go to the gym or start a diet, but why not make one of your resolutions to recycle more and save energy? There are many different and easy ways to do this. One of the easiest things you can do to save energy is to unplug phone chargers and other electronic devices. When those items remain plugged in even when they are off, they still pull energy (called phantom energy) from the outlets. Such phantom energy can amount to 10% of an individuals home electricity use.

Another easy resolution is to reuse and recycle more. Try purchasing reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags that you will eventually throw away and be sent to a landfill or incinerated. Plastic bags take can 20-1000 years to decompose! Another easy resolution is to recycle through our blue bags recycling program. You can place paper, aluminum, glass, plastics 1-7, tin and steel products all in your blue bag and simply place it in your trash toter. Try these easy resolutions that will help the environment and our future that do not require a lot of time and effort. Sign up today to receive our blue bag coupons in the mail so you can head to one of our many partners to pick up your blue bags.

Happy New Year!