Recycling Gets Spooky

Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain – whatever you may call the 31st day of October, the traditions of both tricks (and treats) enchant imaginations around the world on this haunted evening.

To add to the array of creepy costumes, ominous decor and an unearthly consumption of sweet treats, we think it only fitting to provide some spine-chilling facts and tips about the wicked fun of going green on All Hallow’s Eve… and beyond.

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How to Get Rid of Fall Leaves Sustainably

The solution used to be easy: Just drag out the rake, make a giant leaf pile, and either burn the waste or dump it at the curbside for the garbage collectors.

But now, in most places, such methods are illegal. That’s because landfill space is shrinking, and burning leaves can be dangerous to our health.

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