Re-ally great holidays include Re-ducing, Re-using and Re-cycling

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t share some handy tips for reducing, reusing and recycling over the holiday season. Here are some of our favorites:

When you are looking for gifts, look for recycled content items and/or items with minimal packaging. Consider buying re-usable grocery bags as gifts & “wrapping” them in one of the bags!

If you don’t have enough dinnerware to feed everyone in your expected crowd, go to Goodwill and purchase inexpensive dinnerware instead of using paper & plastic. Mix & match is in!

Gifts don’t always have to come in boxes! You can purchase gift memberships for friends and family or make donations to worthy charities (like the IRC!) on their behalves.

Make composting one of your New Year’s resolutions. VERY few Hoosiers compost even though it’s easy, great for gardens and will help you save on trash bags, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint. For more information on composting, click here.

Recycle whatever you can!

The recyclable items at a typical holiday dinner would save enough electricity to run the television for all of the holiday’s football games!

Happy Holidays!