Question: I Live in an Apartment, How Can I Recycle?

Q: I live in an apartment and we have a private dumpster, and I wanted to know if I can put my blue bags in there to be recycled?

We receive this question a lot via our website and via email, especially from college students who are staying in Muncie during the school year.

A: Unfortunately the answer is no. Blue bags have to be placed in a Muncie Sanitary District toter and picked up by a Muncie Sanitary trash truck. However, you can drop recyclables off at East Central Recycling located at 701 E. Centennial Avenue during regular business hours. Monday- Friday 8a-4:30p and Saturday 8a-11:30a. You do not need blue bags to recycle directly at East Central Recycling. Just pull up to the office window and tell them that you are dropping off recyclables. That dumpster is emptied 3-4 times a day and goes directly to the recycling sorting line.