Question: Are Magazines Allowed to be Placed in Blue Bags?

Posted by: Bradley Clayton on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Q: Are magazines able to be put into blue bags? What is the recycling process for magazines?

A: Yes, you can put magazines into your blue bags or take them to East Central Recycling at 701 E Centennial Ave. The recycling process for magazines is the same as paper recycling. Here are the steps in which paper and magazines are recycled.

Paper/Magazines Recycling Process:

  1. Paper is tossed into a pulper ( a giant blender ) with chemicals that dissolve paper fiber bonds while shredding it into tiny fibers.
  2. The watery fiber mixture or "pulp", passes through screens which filter out chunks of dirt and glue.
  3. Cleaning chemicals are stirred in to remove tiny dirt, oil, and other contaminants, which are then siphoned off.
  4. Pulp is de-inked by sticking it in a chemical solution and blowing bubbles through it.
  5. Then pulp is bleached.
  6. Then spread onto wide screens that let the water drain off.
  7. Then put through heated pressers, which apply enough pressure to turn them into smooth sheets of paper.
  8. Paper is then rolled up into huge rolls ( weighing as much as 3 tons each ) then sent on word for cutting, packaging, and shipping.
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