Project Updates: Elgin & McGalliard Drainage Project

Muncie Sanitary District will be periodically sharing project updates to keep the public informed on current projects. These updates will outline scope of completed work, scope of upcoming work still needed, and the reasoning/necessity for each project.

Muncie Sanitary District has completed Phase One of the Elgin & McGalliard Drainage Project, which covers the storm discharge at Muncie Creek just south of McGalliard Road to the drainage ditch regrading on the east side of Elgin Street.

The purpose of this project is to alleviate flooding in the area. Previously, the intersection of Elgin Street and McGalliard Road was prone to flooding, as the existing storm pipes and ditches were not adequate for heavy rainfalls (the storm system at this intersection receives runoff from nearly 400 acres of mostly cropland). This flooding was a not just a hinderance to traffic and the land, but was a danger to kids coming off the school bus after heavy rainfall.

During Phase One, approximately 1,000 feet of 48–60-inch storm sewers were added from Elgin Street to Muncie Creek. Additionally, inlets were added at low points along Elgin Street to further help drain the street during heavy rainfalls, and the existing ditch along Elgin was cleaned and regraded to improve capacity.

Phase Two of the project is set to begin in December 2019 and will include the continuation of storm piping to the east of Elgin Street and, eventually, the construction of a 16-acre dry detention pond to capture runoff and control the stormwater discharge rate. The pond outlet piping will be routed to the ditch along Elgin Street, which was regraded in Phase One. An existing swale behind Muncie Vocational Center will also be rerouted to the pond.

Progress photos: