Press Release: Announcing Annual Leaf Season Pickup for 2020

The Muncie Sanitation Department will be starting our annual leaf season pickup the week of October 26th, 2020. Leaf pickup will run approximately 3-4 weeks. Please place bagged leaves at the curb on your trash day. Your bagged leaves will be picked up separately on or after your normal trash day. Monday-Wednesday trash routes will have their leaves picked up on Wednesdays as time allows. Remaining Wednesday-Friday trash routes will be picked up on Saturdays during this season.

We ask that your leaves be bagged and placed out by the curb on your trash day, separated from your household trash, and not placed in your trash toter. DO NOT put any yard waste in blue recycle bags. City Ordinance number 96.05 prohibits the raking or blowing of leaves, litter, and any other debris into the streets. DO NOT blow or rake leaves into the street. Please make sure to clear leaves around stormdrains to make sure they do not clog sewers and send unwanted nutrients to the White River.