Muncie Sanitary District- Life in the White River ‘Stay at Home’ Learning Lessons Pt. 7

#LifeInTheWhiteRiver wouldn’t be the same without the Striped Shiner. Looking at the sides of this deep-bodied minnow species, we see dark-colored scales that form stripes. During the breeding season, we see these stripes flanked with bright pink coloration.

At-home activity for the kids:

Using a plastic yogurt container (or similar item), clear plastic wrap/clear plastic bag, rubber bands, and an X-Acto knife to create an aqua scope to view #LifeInTheWhiteRiver.

— Cut out the bottom of the container with an X-Acto knife.

— Stretch plastic over the cut-out bottom and hold it in place with two rubber bands. Make sure that it is secured tightly. Cut away any excess plastic.

— Take your aqua scope down to the White River and observe life underwater in a whole new way. Submerge the plastic-covered bottom into the water and place your eyes into the container.

Send us photos of your kids using their aqua scopes for a chance to be featured on our page!

As a gentle reminder, always avoid the river after significant rain because it can be dangerous due to high water.