Muncie Sanitary District- Life in the White River ‘Stay at Home’ Learning Lessons Pt. 1

Families: Join us on an educational exploration of life in the White River from the comfort and safety of your home! #LifeInTheWhiteRiver
Once a week, Muncie Sanitary District will be publishing educational posts (complete with an at-home activity) about the fish, mussels, and macro-invertebrates that live in the White River.

Let’s dive in!

The West Fork of the White River, which meanders through Muncie for approximately 9 miles, is a warm water stream that is home to several species of clean water fish. MSD’s Bureau of Water Quality annually samples the river to assess the health of its fish community. The attached photo provides a look at some of the species they encounter during this biological monitoring.

At-Home Activity:

Beginner: List the fish in order from smallest to largest. (Hint: Look at the official measurements underneath each fish as a guide.)
Intermediate: Convert the sizes of each fish from millimeters to inches. (Hint: There are 25.4 millimeters in 1 inch. For this activity, round down to 25 millimeters per 1 inch.)