MSD Truck Naming Contest

We need your help to name our newest trash truck! Starting October 20th, you can post your idea for a name on our Facebook post about the contest or by submitting it through an online form. We will accept name submissions up until November 3rd, 2021, at 5p. Staff will pick the top 10 names submitted and then we will do an online public poll to pick the most popular name. The winner of the naming contest will get their submitted name added to the trash truck and take a picture with the newly named truck. Winners will be announced at our November 17th, 2021, Board Meeting. Let’s all have some fun and think of some cool names for this new truck! Here are some examples of winning names in another community to help you get started:

  • Sir Dumps A Lot
  • Cindersmella
  • Obi-One-Can-Only
  • Smashasaurus
  • Oscar

What are your ideas? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Local school classrooms are encouraged to participate! If your classroom would prefer to send names via email, they can be sent to

*Note: You must live in Muncie/Delaware County, Indiana to participate.

Here is a link to the online form to submit ideas: