MSD Board President’s Response to Mayor Ridenour’s Press Release on April 20th, 2020

The following response was sent to the Star Press on April 21st, 2020 from Board President Bill Smith in response to Mayor Ridenour’s Press Release on April 20th, 2020:
The Mayor’s email to me, dated April 16, which had the information request attached, was the first time I had received any requests concerning this issue.  I didn’t actually receive this email until Friday, April 17th.  I would like to state that in working with Dan Canan for 12 years, Dennis Tyler for 7 years, Sharon McShurley for one year and Mr. Ridenour for four months, I have never disregarded any request that has been directed to me.  After 19 years on the MSD board and 20 years on the MRC board under four mayors, his accusation that I “have failed or refused to provide such information when it has been requested” is not only false, it is insulting. Additionally, every HR department I’ve ever worked with maintained a policy that personnel matters are confidential.  Apparently, that is not the case if you work for Dan Ridenour, which should concern every employee of the City.  The District has consulted with legal counsel on this matter and has responded to his requests today.
Also, for the record, I would like to make it clear that since he has taken office, the Mayor has never contacted me directly about any issue.  The MSD Board has offered to meet with the Mayor or his representatives on many occasions over various issues, he is the one who has failed or refused to participate each and every time.  Open lines of communication are important for an orderly transfer of information regarding the District.  His failure to participate in any fashion, other than through the media, has been a grave disservice, not only to the District and the City but to the taxpayers we serve.
William Smith, President
Muncie Sanitary District
Board of Commissioners