Let’s Talk Trash: The Journey of Your Blue Bag

Have you ever wondered about the journey your blue bag goes on—from the time you get it to when your recyclables are ready to be made into new products? Follow along to learn more about the journey of your recyclable materials through Muncie Sanitary District.


1. Receive blue bag coupons in the mail and visit a local pick-up location to get your blue bags.









2. Put all of your recyclable materials into your blue bag and put it out with your regular trash on trash day. Regular trash bags and blue bags are collected by the same truck in order to save money for customers.









3. Blue bags are separated from regular trash bags at the recycling center.










4. Recyclables are put on a conveyer belt and moved to the second floor for sorting. Some materials get sorted by machines, and others get sorted by hand. 









5. Separated materials are collected into bins ready for baling. Each of these materials are baled separately. Once baled, these recyclables are ready to be made into new products.