Let’s Talk Trash: School and Office Edition 

With school starting up again soon, you might be sorting through backpacks to see what supplies from last year can be used again and what supplies need to go. But did you know some of these items can be placed in blue bags? Read on to learn which common school and office supplies can and can’t be recycled.


Wooden pencils are not recyclable and should not be put in blue bags. For a more sustainable option, try a mechanical pencil.


Crayons are not recyclable by the Muncie Sanitary District and should not be placed in blue bags. However, old crayons don’t have to be thrown in the trash—they can be melted in the oven and used to create new crayons.

Plastic Pens

The plastic part of an ink pen is recyclable, but the ink cartridge must be removed before being placed in blue bags. =

Binders and Plastic Folders

Binders and plastic folders are not recyclable and should not be put into blue bags. Try to reuse these items if possible, or donate them to a local charity.

Paper Folders

Paper folders are recyclable and can be placed in blue bags. If the folders have metal prongs or pieces, be sure to remove them before recycling.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can be recycled, just like any other kind of paper. The sticky adhesive on the back does not affect the item’s recyclability.

Paper Clips and Staples

Paper clips and staples are not individually recyclable, but putting them into the recycling bin attached to papers will not affect the paper’s recyclability. Paper clips can be reused many times before being thrown away.


Scissors are not recyclable through the Muncie Sanitary District. If your scissors can’t be sharpened or repurposed, you can search for a scrap metal drive in your area that will take them.

Ink Cartridges 

Ink cartridges cannot be recycled by the Muncie Sanitary District and should not be put into blue bags. However, most office supply store accept empty ink cartridges.