Let’s Talk Trash: Postal Edition

According to the National Park Service, Americans receive enough junk mail in one day to heat 250,000 homes! Most of that mail can be put in blue bags and recycled, but there are some things you receive in the mail that should go in the garbage. So, what kinds of mail can and can’t be recycled through our blue bags?


Envelopes with Plastic Windows

Envelopes with plastic windows are recyclable and should be placed in blue bags. While they are made of mixed material, most recycling centers have ways of separating the plastic from the paper.




Magazines and Glossy Paper

The idea that magazines and materials printed on glossy paper cannot be recycled is a common misconception.  Magazines and glossy paper, such as weekly advertisements, are recyclable!





The entire newspaper, along with any materials that come folded into it, can be placed into blue bags to be recycled.





Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are recyclable, and should be broken down before being placed in your blue bags.





Packing Peanuts and Bubble Wrap

Foam packing peanuts are not recyclable by MSD and should not be put in blue bags. However, participating locations of UPS stores do accept clean foam packing peanuts for reuse. Bubble wrap is also not recyclable and should not be placed in blue bags.

Envelopes lined with bubble wrap are also not recyclable at MSD. These items should go in regular garbage bags.