Let’s Talk Trash: Kitchen Edition

Your kitchen is full of recyclable materials, but there are also many items that seem like they should be recyclable and are not. So, what items can and can’t you recycle from your kitchen?


Paper Board and Food Boxes

Clean and dry boxes made from paper board or cardboard, such as cereal boxes, are recyclable and can be placed in blue bags. You should break these boxes down before placing them in recycling.

Pizza Boxes

Grease and oil are considered a contaminant for recyclable materials, and this prohibits Muncie Sanitary District from accepting grease-stained pizza boxes and their cardboard inserts. You may, however, remove the greasy insert and recycle clean, dry pizza boxes in your blue bags.


Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Cans

Aluminum foil without food waste on it can be recycled. This should be rolled into a ball before being placed in blue bags. Rinsed aluminum beverage cans are also recyclable.

Steel and Tin Cans

Food cans are recyclable by the Muncie Sanitary District. Make sure to rinse out these items before putting them in your blue bag.

Foil Coffee Bean Bags

These bags appear to be made of just foil, but they are actually made of a thin layer of foil fused to plastic. These materials are impossible to separate, so these bags should be reused or thrown in the trash.


Plastic Items #1-7

Many of the items in your kitchen made from plastic are recyclable, but you should check to make sure these plastics are labeled #1-7 (PS 6 is not accepted). Plastic bags, such as bread bags and sandwich bags, are not accepted.

Be sure to keep plastic lids on plastic bottles when you throw them in your blue bag. This makes it easier for the Muncie Sanitary District to recycle those little pieces.

Cereal Bags

While cereal boxes are recyclable, cereal bags are not. These bags should be placed in the regular trash.



Items made from Styrofoam, like cups or takeout containers, are not recyclable and should be put in your regular trash.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, you can always invest in a reusable cup or purchase a plastic takeout container to take with you to restaurants.



Disposable Coffee Cups and Milk Cartons

More often than not, disposable coffee cups and cardboard milk cartons are not recyclable because they are usually lined with a plastic to keep the beverage insulated. Put these items in the trash, and invest in a reusable coffee cup if possible.


Glass Bottles and Jars

Unbroken glass jars can always be put in blue bags. Make sure you rinse before recycling. Remove metal lids from glass containers before placing both items in your blue bag.

Broken glass bottles can be hazardous to those responsible for sorting recycling, so wrap these items in several layers of newspaper and put them in the trash.