Let’s Talk Trash: Bathroom Edition

The bathroom is full of recyclable materials, but it’s easy to forget to toss those items in your blue bag. There are also a lot of materials that seem like they should be recyclable, but actually are not. Keep scrolling to find answers on whether some common bathroom materials can or can’t be recycled.


Toothbrushes and Empty Toothpaste Tubes

Your toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes are not recyclable by the Muncie Sanitary District, and they should not be placed in a blue bag. However, you don’t have to throw them in the trash—visit terracycle.com to find out how you can recycle your old toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.


Aerosol Cans

Empty aerosol cans, like those that hold shaving cream, are recyclable as long as they are completely empty.

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash Bottles

Most shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles are recyclable once they are empty and clean. Check the bottle to make sure it is made of #1-7 plastic, then rinse and toss it into your blue bag.



Plastic Loofahs

Plastic loofahs, or “bath poofs,” are not recyclable and should not be put into blue bags. For a more sustainable option, look for a reusable shower exfoliating pad or a bamboo shower brush.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors are not recyclable and should be put into the regular trash. They can pose a risk to sanitation workers and do not belong in blue bags.


Disposable Contact Lens Cases

The plastic disposable contact lens cases that your contacts come in, also known as “blister packs,” cannot be recycled by the Muncie Sanitary District and should not be put into blue bags. However, you can recycle blister packs and lenses by requesting a shipping label at terracycle.com, or by using the site to find a convenient drop-off location near you.






Toilet Paper Rolls

Cardboard toilet paper rolls are recyclable about should be placed in blue bags. Please completely remove paper from the roll before recycling.