Bureau of Water Quality Continues to Protect the White River during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency “Stay at Home” order, the Muncie Sanitary District is operating with essential and limited staff in order to protect the safety and well being of our employees. Essential operations continue to be implemented thanks to our amazing and dedicated workers.

For instance, most of the Bureau of Water Quality’s daily operations, which are designed to protect the water quality of the White River, are still being implemented. Treated wastewater discharged from the Muncie Water Pollution Control Facility (Muncie’s sewage treatment plant) is still being sampled on a daily basis to ensure it complies with State-issued permits. Local industries with the potential to discharge pollutants that may interfere with the operation of, or completely pass-through, the Muncie Water Pollution Control Facility are still being sampled as required by their locally issued permits. Non-compliance with permit requirements will continue to be enforced. Direct sampling of the White River in Muncie is continuing, though at a reduced frequency.

The Bureau remains available to respond to any water-related emergencies or spills that may threaten local surface waters via storm or sewer drains. The Muncie Sanitary District Sewer Maintenance hotline is still available for any flooding or sewer concerns. That number is 765-747-4852.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time. Please stay safe and continue to stay home and practice safe physical distancing from others.