Rain Gardens

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Raingardens are versitile; and they can be any size or shape imaginable. Be sure it is at least 10 feet away from buildings to keep water from seeping into and damaging foundation.

You may choose to drain your down spouts to your rain garden through a buried 4" plastic down spout extender or tile available at most home improvement stores. The more stormwater you catch in your raingarden the less stormwater heading to your stormdrain picking up pollutants along the way, and possibly contributing to a combined sewer overflow.

Want to install a raingarden? Check out our plant recommendations based on color scheme and sun or shade below!

>> Download our Rain Garden Brochure

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To receive detailed information on how to install a Rain Garden or Rain Barrels, call the Stormwater Educator at 765-213-6450.

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Spence Restoration Nursery has generously donated the design of five rain garden plans tailored to our local conditions. Choose your preferred color scheme and follow the instructions on the final page to install your very own rain garden on your property.

>> Download Rain Garden Plans

>> Watch a video on how to install a rain garden!

More Great Raingarden Resources:

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Map of rain gardens and stormwater best management practices in Muncie 

Rusty Workshop Picture 2016
Raingarden installed at Minnetrista during a workshop with Rusty Schmidt, co-author of "Bluethumb Guide to Raingardens"