Muncie Sanitary District Completes Madison Street Underpass Storm Sewer System Upgrade

Muncie Sanitary District Completes Madison Street Underpass Storm Sewer System Upgrade

Posted by: Jason Donati on Thursday, October 26, 2017

MUNCIE, Ind. (Oct. 26, 2017) – On Oct. 4, the Muncie Sanitary District held a ribbon-cutting ceremony announcing the completion of the Madison Street Underpass sewer system upgrade. From start to finish, the underpass redevelopment was a collaborative effort from the Muncie Sanitary District, Bowen Engineering, United Consulting, and HWC Engineering.

With a 40-foot deep pump station, 750,000-gallon steel storage tank, new underground drainage infrastructure, and 2,100 linear feet of force main pipe, Madison Street’s flooding challenges of years past have been resolved. These components, in addition to the masonry electrical building and 800kW emergency generator set, are outlined in the map below.

During rainfall in the future, stormwater will be collected through the underpass drainage infrastructure (A), which consists of a system of cast-in-place trenches/inlets, underground pipes, and pre-cast manholes. The stormwater will then flow to the new concrete pump station (B). This pump station will have two separate sets of submersible pumps, small drain pumps that will operate under normal rain conditions, and large storm pumps for heavy rain conditions. Both pump sets will be powered and controlled through equipment located within the masonry electrical building (C).

Under normal rain conditions, these drain pumps will convey stormwater from the pump station (B) through the new force main pipe (D). This will then discharge to the White River through the existing storm sewer interceptor. Under heavy rain conditions—when the drain pumps are unable to keep up with incoming flows—the storm pumps will transfer stormwater from the pump station (B) to the storage tank (E) until conditions return to normal. In the event of power outages, the emergency generator set (F) will allow the Madison Street Storm System to remain operational.

For more details on the Madison Street Underpass and upcoming projects through the Muncie Sanitary District, contact District Administrator Nikki Grigsby at or visit

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