Minnetrista Rain Gardens

Minnetrista partnered with the Stormwater Management Department to put in lots of different stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP's) along the White River. Such BMP's installed include rain gardens, bio-swales, rock cascades and a pervious concrete filter strip alongside the White River Greenway Trail. Minnetrista has recently added another larger rain garden to the East Lawn that serves to capture stormwater runoff traveling down the watershed. Check out these beautiful BMP's in person by stopping by Minnetrista. For more info please visit www.minnetrista.net.

Rain Garden along the White River Greenway
Rain Garden along the White River Greenway

A bioswale installed along the White River Greenway capturing Stormwater Runoff from on site.

Image of bioswale along White River Greenway

Raingarden installed at Minnetrista during a workshop with Rusty Schmidt, co-author of "Bluethumb Guide to Raingardens".

Rusty Workshop Picture 2016